The Importance of Thorough Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle inspection in Brisbane is required for every vehicle you own regardless of its purpose. When you are proactive in caring and maintaining your automobile, lorry, or motorcycle, then you might have thought how this is critical for your vehicle’s welfare.

Checking the engine, changing the oil, and replacing the headlight bulbs are just some of the basic practices you know. However, these are not enough if you want to keep your car for a long time.

Every responsible vehicle owner may have no knowledge about minor mechanical or safety concerns, which might make your automobile unsafe and even not roadworthy for travel. Which is why the vehicle inspection Brisbane specialists has to offer is highly recommended every year.

What you should know

Every registered vehicle such as motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, lorries, passenger cars, buses, and mobile homes must be subjected to an annual safety inspection as required by law.

If you pass the inspection, you will be handed a windscreen sticker where the inspection date is displayed. Petrol-powered vehicles, on the other hand, are required to undergo emission tests.

Typically, in Brisbane vehicle inspection service providers will ask for a form of liability insurance and a document or an identification card from the auto insurance company. So prior to beginning the inspection, make sure that you contact them for questions regarding required documents to bring.

What items are checked?

To ensure passenger safety, every car that carries a capacity of 15 people or fewer are required to undergo inspection at least annually. The following components are thoroughly inspected in order to pass the test.

  1. Horn – At a distance of 200 feet, a car’s horn should be audible
  2. Windscreen Wipers – Although the windscreen is not inspected, a cracked or warped windscreen may cause issues with the wipers
  3. Window Tint – While back and rear window tint is not examined, the right and left windows should have more than 25 percent light transmission to pass the vehicle inspection Brisbane requires.
  4. Gas caps – For two to 24-year old vehicles, gas caps are checked for wearing and tearing.
  5. Brakes – for brake tests, a car should be able to stop within a distance of 25 feet and at a speed of 20 mph. In addition, the parking brake should also have the capacity of stopping and holding the car in its place.

What Else to Expect

To identify potential problems, the technician will not just inspect your vehicle visually. Whether your car is used or new, looking for tell-tale auditory cues are also important since these go undetected to untrained ears and eyes.

In a vehicle inspection Brisbane has, an advanced scanning device will be used to elaborately examine any problems that the technician has spotted during the initial stage of the inspection. When an internal problem is detected, this will automatically translate the data into the computer to alert the team of any defects.

After the inspection, your vehicle will be brought out for a test drive. This last step in the process is important especially for new cars. In this way, you get to know if your automobile is roadworthy.

When you have tested your car’s integrity and functionality, you will not just keep your vehicle for a long time, you will also protect yourself and your loved ones from accidents. To find vehicle inspection Brisbane has to offer, you can check out service providers like Brisbane Mobile Roadworthy for options. See more at