Ready to Test Drive the All-New Kia Carnival? Check This Out!

The new Kia Carnival is full of surprises for a vehicle that looks so simple and unassuming. It is also sensible and cheaper to run keeping in mind its vast size.  It can carry as many as 8 people in pure luxury and fashion and even allow stacks of suitcases in its cargo compartment. In fact, You will instantly appreciate the wide driver’s door and broad cushions when you open the new Kia Carnival Brisbane dealers offer today. It also has big glass windows making it feel airy and roomy once you are inside. The driving position is even widely adjustable. It has big instrument dials, large switchgear and great deals of storage space compartments make it an ideal car for road trips and family trips.


new kia carnival brisbane

Below are other functions you should expect in the 2017 Kia Carnival special deals:

  • It has rear parking sensors to alert you when you are about to hit somebody or an object when you park
  • It is also outfitted with cruise control to help you navigate tricky roads
  • Its automatic headlights that turn on when it gets dark so you won’t have to worry when you forget to turn the lights on
  • Its roof rails provide ample room for extra luggage
  • It’s also equipped with electronic stability control which is now standard for all new cars
  • Its speed-sensing door locks will deter any carjackers
  • seatbelt reminders will help remind you if you or other passengers in the front and outer second-row seats are not wearing their seatbelts

On top of that, it has 7-year unlimited distance warranty to give you more peace of mind when driving. It also received a 5-star ANCAP rating to guarantee that the vehicle has all the safety precautions in place. If you are looking for a vehicle that is huge enough to haul your family and other valuables to a cross-country experience, then this is the ideal vehicle.


There is still adequate room for pets so you can take them along with you when you go on a trip.

Kia has certainly gone a very long way from an ordinary name in the automobile industry into something that is at par with other car brands. The new Kia Carnival Brisbane dealers have for sale is filled with first-rate technology, provides maximum passenger comfort and is more dependable than before. Who would have guessed that this once ridiculed model would emerge to become a celebrity in the automobile industry?

You can easily navigate cabin functions, thanks to its colour touchscreen. Enjoy your favourite music on the road with its embedded 6 speakers sufficient to rev up your music experience. You can even listen to AM/FM radio if you want, use the CD player, connect your smartphone through USB inputs, or Bluetooth so you can enjoy the best audio streaming experience. The new Kia Carnival Brisbane wide is truly an improvement. If you want more value for your money, go for the Kia Carnival car Platinum model as it has more advanced features or visit