Vespa, a style Icon

The Vespa is the iconic Italian motor scooter. Starting in 1946, it became synonymous with the “New Look” of the 1950’s. Audrey Hepburn sat side saddle with Gregory Peck in the movie Roman Holiday on a Vespa. It not only had a very practical design, the Vespa had style too. In Britain during the 1960’s pop revolution, the Vespa was the “mods” bike. Their rivals, the “rockers”, used the Triumph Bonneville or BSA. Therefore, what do the Vespa dealers UK has these days, have to offer with such a style icon?

Looking at the new Vespa Bikes from Vespa dealers UK has today, one model certainly stands out. That is the 2015 946 Bellissima. At a distance this could not be mistaken for anything other than a Vespa. The modeling and “line” show that the design is very much in the Vespa tradition. This has been combined with an all digital instrumentation. The 946 Belissima has a 4 stroke 125 cc engine. There is also an electronic injection, three-valve distribution system. This provides sharply reduced consumption and emissions. The integrity of the original design has been kept and married with the latest technological advances.

Another new Vespa to consider is the 2015 Prinavera Touring 50. As the name suggests this model can come in a 50cc version. This range does cover a 50 2 stroke, a 50 4 stroke 4 valve, a 125 4 stroke 3 v and 150 4-stroke 3v. These are highly efficient urban scooters. There is also a very functional luggage rack at both the front and rear. This harks back to the “classic” Vespa design. This is still as useful then as it is now. This scooter is ideal in an urban environment.

Looking at yet another area there is a sports bike. There are a number of new larger engined scooters available. To look at one example in particular, the GTS Super sport 3000IE. Again, this scooter is definitely a Vespa. All the vehicles in this range can not be mistaken for anything else. This bike comes in an all matte black finish with seats threaded together with an all orange thread finish. The engine is a 4-stroke single cylinder, 4 valve, electronic injection motor, with a catalytic converter. The brakes, both front and rear, are hydraulically operated 220mm stainless steel disc brakes. This scooter is certainly comparable in performance to an equivalent motor cycle.

Vespa manages to maintain a good share of the world market inspite of fierce competition from motor bike manufacturers in Japan. This is down to the “Italian” design sense combined with excellent engineering and constant innovation.

Wheels, Motorcycles UK has today have an extensive range of motor bikes and scooters from all the top producers. These include Aprilia, Honda, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Suzuki, Piaggio, Giera, and Vespa.

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